Bags made from Body and Surf Boards


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Upcycled bags made from damaged, broken and unusable body and surfboards abandoned on the beaches of Cornwall and Devon.

Every summer thousands of people flock to the beaches of Cornwall and Devon for sun, sea, sand and fun.

Companies sell these body boards cheaply encouraging people to purchase them instead of renting. The boards are then left abandoned on the beaches at the end of the summer broken and unusable.

The amazing people at Ocean Recovery Project collected hundreds of these boards, stripped the fabrics and recycled the polystyrene within.

Doodles has taken on boxes and boxes of the covers and are turning them into gorgeous, fully lined, full zip, bags. Ready for shopping, the beach, everyday.

Looks amazing, and doing good.

Each bag has two different designs, one either side and all are colourful and unique..The fabric is used, and upcycled, not new.

The bag measure approximately 35cm wide at the top and 35cm tall. A fantastic size for just about anything!

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Sharks, Fire/Tribal, Tie Dye both sides, Palm Beach, Skull/Fish, Tie Dye/Flowers, Single Use, Yello1 Surf Dude


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