About Me

My name is Ashley and i am the creator of Doodles. It all started when I took my two year old shopping for holiday clothes. There was a serious lack of beautiful clothes for boys at reasonable prices. So I decided to make them myself!

Over time this lead to me making new and different creations out of varied materials and textiles. As most Cabin Crew, i was furloughed and although certain airlines did not endure the pitfalls of the pandemic, we at Doodles found a way of repurposing the discarded items of these airlines into useful bags.

I also discovered the joys of camping during the pandemic and realized how many tents find their way to landfill. This appalled me and I had to do something about this.

I set out to find a way of reusing these unwanted tents and i managed to repurpose them and turn them into bags.

So in between looking after my 2 sons, my husband and vaccinating people for the NHS, I make these recycled bags that I hope you love as much as I love making them.